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Differences at the production places

We produce our accessories in Germany as well as in China. Within both production sites, there are a few differences of production methods.
In Asia your accessories will only be produced in the die casting method. The alloy used corresponds basically to ZAMAK even though the mix
is slightly different. After the casting every step is the same as in our production in Germany.
There are some differences in the electroplating. Due to the difficult adjustment of of the electrolytic baths, metal colors are slightly different at
our two production places. These differences can be seen most obviously in matt gold tones and antique colors.
That is also why these articles shine extremely.
In order to assess these color differences in advance, we recommend to you to adjust your orders to our corresponding metal color cards.
Accessories with rhinestones or enamel are produced exactly the same way in Asia as in Germany. There can only be a difference in the
availability of rhinestone colors and shapes.
At both production places our quality standards have the same high level. In Germany as well as in Hong Kong our products fulfill the same
test requirements and are certified according to Oeko Tex Product class I or II.