Karl Fleischmann GmbH & Co. KG

Qualität. Individualität.



Fleischmann Company was founded in Pforzheim / Germany in 1948 and soon moved to the fashion jewelry center – the small Bavarian town
of Kaufbeuren – Neugablonz in 1964. In the beginning the company mostly produced jewelry, brooches and buttons for the garment industry.

In the mid-nineties the family run company specialized on the production of accessories for the lingerie and swimwear industry. This opened a new business field.

From 2003 onwards Fleischmann Company concentrates more on their own design, and thus achieves new competences in the development of their own collection.

In 2005 Fleischmann Company finds a strong Asian partner – the Hung Hon Group in Hong Kong. From then on Fleischmann Company can produce even faster and is more flexible.

In spite of being a global player, Fleischmann Company has stayed faithful to its head office in Kaufbeuren – Neugablonz. The biggest part of accessories is still being produced in Germany.

In the meantime the company has become a worldwide renowned producer of trims and individual accessories made of metal. The development of their own collection as well as the one of individual accessories is closely linked to the long history of the jewelry town of Kaufbeuren – Neugablonz.

As an inexhaustible creative source Fleischmann Company sets up new standards for accessory design every year.
The interacting of traditional and new experimental materials sets new standards.