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For this method we first need to produce a
steel mold. Again it is a negative mold of your accessory.

The production of this mold can take approx. three to four weeks. The pro rata tool costs are definitely much higher than in the centrifugal casting method.


All further production steps of the die casting method run fully automatically.
In the steel mold the alloy is being injected.
Just like for the centrifugal method we also
use ZAMAK here, but it is mixed together
slightly different.


The alloy gets pressed into the mold, and the ready accessory gets ejected out of the open tool.
Also in this case the accessory gets polished
in rotating barrels.


What needs to be considered when using the die
casting method?

As the accessory must fall out of the steel tool automatically,
a certain angle must not be undercut.
That is why there is no so called „undercut“ possible.
The production of articles like pearls with a rim hole is more expensive most of the time,  because you need a mechanical
placeholder and a special ejection mechanism.


Advantages of the die casting method:

If you want to produce large quantities, this method offers cost
and lead time advantages in the long run.
A steel tool is much more durable than any rubber tool. That‘s why
it normally needs no reproduction.
Due to the mechanical production big quantities can be delivered
within short time.