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Individual development & consulting

In addition to the development of our own collection, we have specialized in manufacturing individual products according to the wishes of our customers. We will acompany you through the complete process. We will advise during the finding of ideas, and afterwards we will carry out the production of the needed articles. Of course we always consider your own price ideas and needed quantities, in order to find the ideal production method for you.

Your individual article can be developed out of an existing article or out of a simple hand drawing. We can offer you a professional drawing and we can produce a handmade prototype for you.

Individual development & consulting

Every year Fleischmann Company develops and produces two collections for lingerie and swimwear. Fashion highlights, a feeling for upcoming trends and the current spirit of the time are reflected in every accessory of the collection. Whether it is a functional piece or a more elaborate trim – we offer our customers a wide range of fashionable accessories and basic products.

Our expert team which consists of design, customer consultants and tool makers will be available for you from the creative process, over the material selection up to the technical realization.

Individual development & consulting

We work fast and reliably. Within no time we will offer you a suitable selection, first drawings and prototypes. Once the article is ready for fabrication, we will coordinate and monitor our own production as well as at our selected service providers. We will keep an eye on your time schedule, and we will execute all necessary quality controls.