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After the centrifugal or die casting your raw
accessories receive a metallic layer by
Depending on the color choice, the accessory runs through different electrolytic baths.
Between two baths it needs to be rinsed again and again.
The chemical consistence of the bath, the
current density and the length of a bath –
all this influences the final result.

Our biggest challenge in this production step is to achieve the consistency of the different galvanic colors.
Our standard offer contains different galvanic colors and galvanic dyes.
Depending on the color, there are price
So in the end a golden article will be more
expensive than a silver one, as a razor-thin
layer of real gold is being applied.

Next to our standard colors we can
certainly produce many further colors in most different shades. If this is requested, we always emphasize on constant quality and reproducibility.
After the galvanizing the accessories are
being cleaned and polished. This is done in
rotating barrels filled with different polishing stones and granulates.


What needs to be considered by using the electroplating technique?

Depending on the article we use two different techniques for the electroplating.
All accessories which can be mixed and tumbled easily will be filled into big cylinders and  automatically be driven through electrolytic baths.
Bulky accessories like tubes or  those which can be caught together need to be fixed individually onto a frame. As frame galvanic is  operated mostly by hand, the price for any final product is  considerably higher.